Lionel Messi Shaved Legs

Barcelona’s Argentinian Lionel Messi reacts after missing a goal against Racing Santander during a Spanish league football match, on August 29, 2010, at Sardinero stadium in Santander.  Barcelona defeated Racing Santander 3-0.  AFP PHOTO/Rafa Rivas (Photo credit should read RAFA RIVAS/AFP/Getty Images)


4 comments on “Lionel Messi Shaved Legs

    • Why is it gross? I don’t shave my legs, but I don’t think it’s weird or gross. I think it shows off the muscles instead of hair blocking it. Actually.. I think it’s more manly. If you have muscles then it’s okay. If you don’t have muscles on your legs.. then it’s gross :D. Because then it just looks like girly legs on a guy.. So just as long as you have big muscled legs, it’s totally fine to shave them imo. I’ll probably shave mine, because I have big legs muscles too ^^

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