Lionel Messi Shirtless with Girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo @ the beach

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17 comments on “Lionel Messi Shirtless with Girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo @ the beach

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  2. Well, well where do i start. Well
    a) Your girlfriend may wanna get her bikini out if her ass!
    b) whats with the tattoo! couldn’t you get something like Zlatan Ibrahimovic! at least!
    c) Leo, Leo, GET A FRICKEN TAN BUDDY! you look like a under cooked chicken wing!
    d) could you take the making outon the beach to the bed room, i swear soon, there’s gonna be a child!
    e) Leo could get a better girlfriend! at least a model like cristiano ronaldo!
    f) Lionel can’t be too much of a mummy’s boy, because travelling the world, and crying on Ibra’s lap saying ‘I want my Mommy!’ ain’t cool! GROW UP!

    • LOL:D I just have to comment on this…

      a) She couldn’t do that cause it would cover up her ass and then she wouldn’t get her ass perfectly in the magazine. Her ass wants to be pictured in a mag!

      b) …I can’t even joke about the tattoo..WTF?! My mummy would try to kill me if I tattooed her face in my back. :D She actually was horrified when I told her that “some footballer” did that. Omg. He’s either mad, has a really good reason for that or then these are some cultural differences…In Scandinavia you’r not completely at your mental height if you tattoo your mother (while she’s still alive) to your body. Actually that’s kinda disrespectful?

      c) Are Argentinians supposed to be that pale? He must be some kinda exception. :D

      d) …I thought they looked bored.

      e) Cristianos girlfriends always look like shemales, the new one is a little better. I would actually find it amusing if Leo was there with some blond, plastic enhanced, glamourmodelbabe… Antonella gets my blessing, lol. :D

      f) WTF? Did that actually happen? He would be the last person I would moan my homesickness to…

    • what the f* are you talking about ?
      1st his girlfriend can do whatever she wants to do
      2nd that’s his mother’s tatoo,he has only one and that’s his mother god damn it
      3rd are you racist ?? it’s not your problem if like u said he is a under cooked chiken wing !! urgh
      4th why do you care ?he does whatever he wants to do !he was on the beach and having fun i guess !!
      5th Leo has a very sexy/beatiful girlfriend,he isno a guy who wants to show up ans stuff ..not like your Cristiano Ronaldo !
      6th i don’t think what you said even makes sense !

  3. HEY MESSI has a TATTOO… is that his mother? I think I am the only one who noticed this cause all the girls are looking at his ass and the guys are eyein his girl

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