Andy Roddick: “I’ll tweet anywhere I want!”

By Chris Chase


One day after the dramatically-named Tennis Integrity Unit (which sounds like a bad Law & Order spin-off) banned on-court Tweets and recommended that players “avoid” sending sensitive information about matchesAndy Roddick is voicing his displeasure. (On Twitter, of course.)

In four separate Tweets posted on his Twitter page last night, the 2003 U.S. Open champ let came out against the Big Brother-esque rules, which were designed mainly due to concern about players giving out betting information to the masses:

— i think its lame the US Open is trying to regulate our tweeting.. i understand the on-court issue but not sure they can tell us if we can

— cant do it on our own time…. we’ll see

— i definitely respect the rule about inside info and on court, but u would seriously have to be a moron to send “inside info” through a tweet

— not very subtle/smart ….. come on

Roddick is right, as is our Martin Rogers who basically wrote the same thing in his post about this topic yesterday.

Also, isn’t the whole point of giving inside gambling information to keep that information, you know, inside. The more people that know about something that could swing a match makes the likelihood of getting rich off such information more remote. Besides being stupid in terms of getting caught, it’d be stupid in terms of getting rich too.

This is an overreaction to the unknown. The Tennis Integrity Unit sees Twitter as a menace, even though there’s little more chance of a player giving away “inside information” in a Tweet as there is giving away such info in a press conference or one-on-one interview. The filters change, but the possibility of saying something stupid still remains.

Our advice to Roddick: Pull an Ochocinco and get somebody else to Tweet for you during the match(perhaps Roddick’s wife could do it). This would side-step the system and give television networks another excuse to show Brookyln Decker. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Via busted_racquet

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