35 comments on “Drake Bell Car Accident: “I got hit by a car”

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  3. Nooooooooo! That is not the right story :@
    this is the Right one from WIKIPEDIA

    “”On December 29, 2005, Bell was involved in a car accident on Los Angeles’ Pacific Coast Highway. He was driving with a friend when a truck ran a red light and caused a head-on collision. This resulted in a fractured neck, a jaw broken in three places, six missing teeth and several facial lacerations. The doctor said it was not life threatening according to an interview in 2006. After recovering, Bell underwent plastic surgery to reverse the cosmetic effects of the crash. He said that the crash was somewhat of a positive influence on his career because it helped him to appreciate the little things in life.””

    • Thats what I read. He only used that story because it was an interview with “M” magizine which is mostly for younger kids…

  4. total bullcrap he got in a CAR CRASH not a bike crash i semi truck hit him on a red light this is total bull crap

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