Exclusive: Lionel Messi Girlfriend Revealed

This is the first time we see them together.  Lionel Messi’s girlfriend, Antonella, visited him in Barcelona.  Last Sunday they walked down the streets of Barcelona along with Lio’s family.


The girlfriend of the best player in the world was born in Rosario, Argentina (she still lives there) and studies nutrition.  They met last December when Lionel visited his hometown for the holidays.  Just 2 months later,  he acknowledge that he had a romance: “I do have a girlfriend and she is living in Argentina.  Im happy”, he declared on a Catalan TV show.

After so many reports on supposed Lionel’s gilfriend in the last months, we finally meet her.  Walking down the streets of Barcelona, the couple were happy along with Lionel parents and siblings.

This is the first public relation known for Lionel… We better not mention those that wanted to be Ms Messi…



Via http://www.gente.com.ar


132 comments on “Exclusive: Lionel Messi Girlfriend Revealed

  1. only the almighty GOD can explain to the world the sort of player messi is…..i think messi is an angel sent from heaven to play football.

  2. You changed my life because i think about you all the time maybe other people told you that they love you but i want to tell you that my life have meaning because of you i know that you never ever don’t read it but i will love you till the world ends and i will die with your memory.
    May God give me a chance to see you even for one secound in my life.

  3. You changed my life because i think about you all the time maybe other people told you that they love you but i want to tell you that my life have meaning because of you i know that you never ever don’t read it but i will love you till the world ends and i will die with your memory.
    May God give me a chance to see you even for one secound in my life.

  4. i dnt knw ur gf bt she beauty nd also u.u 2 much take of each other.nd u are the bst plyer in the world u nd randalo u 2 are my biggste fun.kisses fr both of u.iam frm south africa{carmen}

  5. hi iam frm south africa my name is carmen o my god iam a bg fun of u nd u i lke u 2.o my god i jst wana met u 1day jst 2 say hi®

  6. Hi Lio, I love you so much. I’m from Georgia,I live in a small village,in Ikalto please come to Georgia and come to Ikalto.

  7. Hi Lio,you are my favorite football player. please come to Georgia. I LOVE YOU LIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :)

  8. MESSI some people don’t like you,but I like you so much!!! MESSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I love youso muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. messiiiiiiiiiiiiii i love you.i love only one guy and he is you.you are my life ,my world and everythink. i,m realy realy love you and it is true.you know your girlfriend is one of the most girl of the world .i wish you always live,s in my think . i,m always thinking about you .and i know nobody belives me but it is true atlist you belive me.i can,t lives a moment without your think.may god will bleas you . bayyyyyyyy,

  10. Leo i wish u the best,ur gf is pretty pls dont hot her or make her cry remember who u are.i love from nigeria pls dont 4get ur club fcb 4 life.

  11. Me entere que Antonella Rocuzzo sufre de BULIMIA y que se mantiene en linea vomitando la comida ingerida. Me pregunto si Leo Messi sabe de su condicion patetica?

    I got to know that Antonella Rocuzzo suffers from BULIMIA and that she keeps herself fit by throwing up the food intake. I wonder if Leo Messi is aware of her pathetic condition?

  12. messi you are good player.I Like you ,I love you. I am so happy because when you are first came in my country bangladesh. bangladeshi people are love you.your girl friend pretty.but not beautiful. pLS….PLS..PLS..WHEN YOU ARE GET MARRIED , YOU MARRIED MY COUNTRY GIRL..

  13. the both really match together ..hope the girl would be nice and humble like leo…and make a good and respectful wife ..wish you all the best in life my Hero! love u always…Up FCB!

  14. hi messi my second is name messi i love you more and i am a piayer in foot ball in eritrea and i want to meat you buy give me your answer

  15. Im happy that you come across such a beautiful girl and i wish you don’t regret your choice down the road. I’m one of the keenest fan out there and I’m looking forward to having more fun from your game. Alwways do your best because the world expect a lot from you.

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  17. stop being mean guys about his gf she pretty in her own way they suit each other n hopefully they stay together messi I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH i wish u the best in ur future life xxxxxx p.s 1 of ma dream is to meet u

  18. messi is a normal person like you gays, and he have the right to chose eney girl he wants and hou can make him happy!but he choosed the love over soccer (talking about the word cup) ………..that’s why he is a loooser!


  20. This is lovely, i like the way that you are showing the girl that you really love her that’s simple life just keep on and make sure that the girl is the type that will contribute to your growth more and more… i will always be your fans, top top is your place. byeeeee

  21. Hi Messi..i just wanna to congratulate you on your career and love life! I’m just one of your fans out there who wish you all the joy and happiness the world can give you! Both you and antonella look really cute together ! I know many people out there are envious of your relationship ! But the fact is that you are happy ! Live your life the way you wanted! I’ll always support you…Hope you ‘ll achieve more in your personal and profesional life ! Love you and Antonella ! God Bless You

  22. OH MY GOD! MESSI, i’m so jealous very very jealous after me knew if you have a girlfriend. Yeah i think ur girl is pretty but u needs girlfriend like ME! I wanna meet you bebibu..

  23. Well!!!!!! Great!!!!!!!!!! But please don’t forget ur football career!!!!!! That’s a nice couple. but sometimes there is a huge confusion.

  24. Hello,

    I want to congratulate you Messi on all your wonderful achievements. But I wish I could have congratulated you for making the right choice but I cannot because you are travelling into the unknown. I know you love Antonella and wish to marry her but please ensure that your love is reciprocated and that she at least loves you for the right reasons. Just a little remainder : if she is not a Scorpio or a Cancer or a Capricorn or a Pisces, then you may have to rethink the relationship. Any other sign is plainly not compatible…Remember, I mean the best for you. …Bless up….

  25. Messi, I wish you good look in your romance. However, if Antonella is not a Scorpio, a Pisces, a Capricorn or a Cancer, you may have to rethink this crucial relationship. I know you want to marry her because you love her but please make sure that she loves you. Ensure that sheloves you even if you were a poor man. If not, you still ahve more to gain and nothing to loose, if you know what I mean. Btw…I love you.

  26. I love the was shes just a normal girl. You guys are so fantastic together. and totally down to earth. And lol shes shorter than you XP no offence, but your still amazing

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    • Hi Messi…just wanna congratulate you for both your career and personal life… i am just one of milions of your fans out there ! For me, as your fan , i only wanted the best for you and for you to be happy !And seems that you are now ! I really like seeing the both of you together ! Don’t worry about what other peopel think ! Maybe those ore the words of thr green -eyed monster !hhahahaah ! Live your life the way you wanted it ! May you are blessed in both your soccer and love life ! Whatever it is, we are here and will always support you God Bless You ! Love you and Antonella ….

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