Exclusive: Lionel Messi Girlfriend Revealed

This is the first time we see them together.  Lionel Messi’s girlfriend, Antonella, visited him in Barcelona.  Last Sunday they walked down the streets of Barcelona along with Lio’s family.


The girlfriend of the best player in the world was born in Rosario, Argentina (she still lives there) and studies nutrition.  They met last December when Lionel visited his hometown for the holidays.  Just 2 months later,  he acknowledge that he had a romance: “I do have a girlfriend and she is living in Argentina.  Im happy”, he declared on a Catalan TV show.

After so many reports on supposed Lionel’s gilfriend in the last months, we finally meet her.  Walking down the streets of Barcelona, the couple were happy along with Lionel parents and siblings.

This is the first public relation known for Lionel… We better not mention those that wanted to be Ms Messi…



Via http://www.gente.com.ar


132 comments on “Exclusive: Lionel Messi Girlfriend Revealed

  1. I am so pleased with the choice of girlfriend/now wife Messi made. Real Authentic. full of entegrity and family morals and values. This will be for keeps. Nice, clean, healthy pretty girl next door.

  2. I think its better 4 messi 2 tak her as a wife and forget about this girl friend of a thing because its dangerous at times

  3. i don’t always like the idea of girlfriend, he should go and take a wife if he is so desperately in need of a woman. Than all those girlfriend stuff, they could be bad at times. he’s a real player

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