Rafael Nada & Fernando Verdasco Playing Gay 2

You may have seen this picture before in our site, well here we have more…  this was taken during semifinal match @ Australian Open 2009



10 comments on “Rafael Nada & Fernando Verdasco Playing Gay 2

  1. If you don’t know for sure you should not post your thoughts, people that come from other countries besides the USA are very affectionate with each other!

  2. Get your brain out of the gutter They say if you do not have something decent to say keep your mouth shut

  3. HOT! I think that one reason why (some) people want an openly gay pro tennis player (particularly) at the level that Nadal is is because men who excel in sports (some would say except for a few examples of sport, such as figure skating) have higher levels of testosterone and perceived machismo which would help shatter the stereotypes of homosexuals. I (we) know that there were/are men who play tennis (and all sports) who are gay, but what is baffling to some is the fact that tennis is a sport which is unlike football, boxing, or most other sports: it is a personal sport, a sport which in the beginning had many male players who were gay or perceived to be without excessively hiding. Bill Tilden was notorious for his penchant for young men and was not ashamed of it. He was, however chided by some within the upper-levels of tennis to be more discreet. Personally, I am uncertain of Nadal’s sexuality, but it would not be surprising to me if Nadal were bisexual. I say this mainly because of his culture and many men don’t like to admit to it, but have had sexual intimacy with at least 1 male in their lifetime from adolescence to death. Some would be shocked to learn the sexual contacts that many athletes have had in their life; afterall, testosterone is a powerful stimulant and when the hormones are raging…..LOOKOUT!….LOL. Anyway, I have been a huge fan of both Nadal and Federer’s for a long time: Federer a longer period, of course. I think that when/if a tennis player announces he is gay, he should be completely supported and appreciated.

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