We can’t get enough: Andy Roddick shirtless @ Australian Open (Again)

Andy is hotter than ever, now at 26 he just looks great, I just love the Six Pack.  Click on the pictures to display bigger pictures

011509 capt.c91c76345d6644f9976b0403790f0bfe.australia_open_tennis__xmb144 011509 capt.ba0cd3093bfb4556a9bc74ee4f206e3b.australia_open_tennis__xmb119 011509 capt.1cf1d903c8b947449a648170ec058138.australia_open_tennis__xmb116 011509 f477277e6b2784736e2fb097683bf62f-getty-tennis-open-aus-roddick011509 capt.c5938b86987a482dbf63de226786290d.australia_open_tennis__xmb117011509 5174e076f2df624d754c1acad64aadd4-getty-tennis-open-aus-roddick 011509 capt.b429d45349164593861d16b88658008b.australia_open_tennis__xmb118 011509 610xh

011509 473792d6ab89af7d58c76b2bb6716611-getty-83874287sb024_australian_op 011509 56a5bf963236fe3e582c7bd3553638e7-getty-tennis-open-aus-roddick

011509 capt.ab06b7444d4840b4bc7a2a30133eca39.australia_open_tennis__xmb134 011509 capt.07ce19a3e9ae46859de0eaf26473d41c.australia_open_tennis__xmb133

011509 capt.46881cd3fae34455911b456c878113fe.australia_open_tennis__xmb120

All pictures via Yahoo! Sports


One comment on “We can’t get enough: Andy Roddick shirtless @ Australian Open (Again)

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