Rafa Nadal trains @ Melbourne for the Australian Open 2009 [Day 2]

011409 e8499202f4a91f1001e36866e514cecc-getty-83874285ld038_australian_op 011409 1764b6cf1b65466cca3189d1d4c37a40-getty-83874285ld036_australian_op 011409 29882f0d4a4e5e67ec1d9ea58a64dc31-getty-tennis-open-aus-nadal 011409 83484541308fe11f4412144c23b84a1b-getty-tennis-open-aus-nadal 011409 a72e037ca37af6e4e7a6042a58d6f632-getty-83874285ld035_australian_op

 011409 b2da9a9ae622e5b520da77d571409f49-getty-tennis-open-aus-nadal

011409 c1e7629f54eeb9a45cda86f386ffc0e9-getty-tennis-open-aus-nadal_practice 011409 e5c646653531b27e4ae4544a9fb1b8c2-getty-83874285ld034_australian_op 011409 e86342bf8b96359b1609db0f72894359-getty-tennis-open-aus-nadal


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