9 comments on “Sergio Garcia Bubble Butt :)

  1. Too funny! I hate golf but it was on the tv at the fitness center – that golf tourney in London and suddenly this man with a beautiful rear end is getting ready to hit the ball. I had to find out who he is…Sergio Garcia. Definitely gay boyfriend material – he’s handsome but not Ronaldo gorgeous – you know? He is just a nice looking man with a butt that don’t quit – how do straight men not notice this? I mean, even though I’m gay I know a hot woman when I see one…oh well at least I’m not the only one looking for that one image that might be out there!

    • Haha same. I was on the treadmill at the gym and the stupid tv on the one I was using only had one channel that was actually working and that was the golf channel.. So for the first time ever I watched golf and I wasn’t disappointed because this guys bum kept me plenty entertained :) I’ll be watching golf more often.

  2. There has to be some shirtless pics of this stud. Based on pics I’ve seen he has quite a bod and I’m guessing a nice package!

  3. I’m hunting for pics of this handsome man, and to find a BUTT shot – in America we call that good “JUNK IN THE TRUNK”.
    Does he know gay men drool over him?

  4. This guy is such a turn on. Very cute smile and even better arse.
    Anytime Sergio !
    (this comes from a Straight / Curious golf jock)

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