13 comments on “Drake Bell Superhero Undies

  1. well, i’m a 12 years old boy from chile and i dont know to sprak in english and i wont to say:
    drake bell va a hacer una pelicula????????? drake bell is going to do a movie?????
    i’m a really fan of him and i wont to know that cuz i’m so desinformated.
    please somebady help me and answer my cuestion

    salu2 pa rodos los fans de drake bell y todos mis amigos: felipe, pitufo, dani, maicol y el resto

  2. Sooooo hoping for more of this in the movie. Saw his full “Superhero Movie” spandex outfit. Very happy to report they *didn’t* pull a Burt Ward/Batman deal and girdle/harness/conceal him. ;-D

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