Andy Roddick: Then or Now?

Check on the pictures below, which Andy you prefer? Add a comment to vote NOW!!!

         THEN                         NOW

aug07hq005i.jpg            006.jpg 

        2001                            2008

15 comments on “Andy Roddick: Then or Now?

  1. well, since he was probably 18 in the first picture and 25 or 26 in the second picture, it’s not too surprising, given that there were 7 years of athletic conditioning in the middle, that he’s gotten meatier. i’d much prefer the “now”, since he’s rather skinny and way too young in the “then” pic.

    why would anyone prefer the “then” pic, i ask myself. well, taste is relative. but i just hate those young modern gay men who think any muscle or body fat is less attractive than all these scrawny little twinks. ick. like a man at 26 is less attractive, due to his age, than any little stick of a twink without a brain in his head.

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