22 comments on “Rafael Nadal Underwear :P

  1. Give me a day….an empty room….various kinds of runny edible things (melted chocolate, whipped cream, cookies and cream ice cream etc)….and Rafael Nadal without his clothes and lets see what happens.

    That’s all i ask.

  2. He not just simply hot, he is truly a beautiful man, in interviews he speaks thoughtfully and softy that added to his perfect body and face makes him the most beautiful human who has ever lived in my opinion and i would love nothing more then to take a nap snuggled in his arms. Id settle for a torrid love fest tho :)

  3. Rafa is SO HOT!! He has the most beautiful, smooth skin I ever saw, and his color is SO pretty, not to mention his beautiful hair and muscles!! Now to get down to it, his ASS makes me SO horny!! I LOVE it!!! I want to stick my fingers up that sexy big round butt of his!! Hell I’d even like to lick his ASS!!

  4. When was the last time you saw his girlfriend around, she showed her skinny butt for about all of 5 minutes at Winbledon, nobody has seen her at the ATP, she was not in Bejing and certainly not at the US Open…..wonder if it’s just a Media Gig.

  5. He is my god.
    I worship him and every drop of sweat that fall off his beautiful everything.
    I wonder if he can see me from the pedastle I put him on?

  6. I have a bubble butt like Rafa and I also get non-stop wedgies when I’m playing handball or raquetball. A couple of friends have been calling me Wedgie and Deep Cheeks for years now, nice to see someone more famous with the same problem.

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