14 comments on “Rafael Nadal 2008 Calendar

  1. nadal is sooo fit n’ gd lookin n’ he won loads year and is world no 1 so lovin it !!!!!!! so glad he is n’ he deserves it and he won the olympics so its made my year !!!! ……

  2. Fernando Alonso in ferrari is the end.
    in that time fernando can be relax and win races and titles very comfortable.
    i love you fernando alonso

  3. i knew he’d win. i havent even seen the end of game. tried to watch night games after work and he was never playin. then one night come home to finals. couldnt stay awake (tried so hard) so i taped it. watchd next day and tape ran out just when they were goin back on court after rain spill. sucks! wanna watch him win so bad! anyway, hate t b mean but with a bad knee he shouldnt keep pushin it. i believe he’s number one sure, but he should try somethin else now.

  4. Rafa is the great player tennis in the world
    I love him so so much
    I want kiss him and stay with him for one day only
    I want tell him i love you

  5. (——————————————————————————————————————————————————————‘———————”(—————————–

  6. He ain’t gonna win Wimbledon

    I think he has peaked and its all down hill from here. He got beat by unseeded #39 Tsonga in Aussie Open. What does that tell you

    he sucks now.
    I still think Federer will win Wimbledon

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