25 comments on “Rafael Nadal and Fernando Verdasco playing gay :)

  1. ok Hans lighten up! people are just having fun and/or fantasizing. no one really thinks this is proof that he is gay. just playful wishful thinking. everyone loves him.

  2. Three things:

    1. Why can’t a guy show non-sexual affection and friendship in public to another guy without some dope having to yell: “He’s GAY!”

    2. I don’t believe that Nadal is gay, but what if he is? SO freaking WHAT?

    3. In some countries and cultures, men DO display friendship by hugging, touching, etc. and it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Guys who read into it like it DOES imply something are probably gay themselves and have a problem with that.

    The caption “playing gay” is just plain stupid. They’re being friends.

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  4. Fernando Verdasco is the player beaten by Nadal in Australian Open 2009 Semifinal. Amazing match. He is the second best Spanish player, #9 in the world.

  5. Come on, they are not playing gay.

    Spaniards are great touchers, kissers and huggers.Physical contact with friends or with people they feel affection or liking for is normal among them.

    When you are introduced to a Spaniard in an informal context, it’s usual to be given a hug or a pat on your shoulder (man-man) or two kisses (man-woman, woman-woman). If you make friends with him/her there will be much more warm touching, you can be sure!

  6. hey people… and all nadal funs.. the guy is just simply amazing … isn’t he?? yeap… did anyone watch the australian open on 1st feb 2009.. it was some sick match and he won …. go nadal … he is so cool… god bless.

  7. I’m a 100% positive that the other guy is Fernando Verdasco!!
    Fernando is 25 and rafael is 22 so..and Fernando is SO HOT!! I’ll recognize him everywere!!!

  8. I’m not 100% but i think the other guy is Fernando Verdasco. He is the same age as Rafa and he is Spanish too;. they’re good friends so i reckon they’re just messing about in a doubles tournament or something.

  9. is gay?????????srry it was a joke………i love him………….is the big champion…..X:X:X::X:XX::X:X:xnadalX:X:X:X:; good worck boy

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