11 comments on “Drake!!!

  1. ohh Boy!!!!
    how can u b so cool??
    i mean iam d greatest fan of u n ur long hair….’
    i love ur songs 2…
    especially “i found a way”….
    keep rockin d world dude!!!!!!!11

  2. drake pienso que eres, además de guapo, muy talentoso, y aunque estes muy ocupado espero que leas mi mensaje,aparte de que lo vas a tener que traducir al inglés.

  3. drake eres el mejor actor y cantante
    eres un repapasito y te re amo

    espero que algun dia me enseñes a tocar la guitara y el piano

    i love you

  4. if u type in destroy drake bell on bebo its this band that is lying about drake saying that he put the pics of nessa on the internet when he clearly didn’t. so i you love drake the leave them nasty messages cause they are just nasty lying whores

  5. I really like you Drake. i no all your songs of by heart on my guitar and ur a wicked actor with josh peck…..i love the song makes me happy…You rock!

  6. drake i love you you are the best singer and actor
    of all, i am in mexico and learn inglish only talk to you aaa and i love you white all my heart. I LOVE YOU DRAKE DRAKE IS MY BOYFRIEND

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