One comment on “Sexy Rafa

  1. Nice!! woow….! I love him as person and as player!!! AMAZING,JUST AMAZING!!

    I´ll always be supporting him as such an amazing, carrying,humble, lovebull and beyond – skys – person! (=I just adore you Rafa!!!(= (= Can´t just descrabe how amazing person you are in all aspects!

    I´m proud and thankfull to you!

    Keep on good work and wish you huge luck in Rolland
    Garros, Wmbeldon and Olimpics 2008!! (= (= (=
    I love your game!!! (= (=I´ll always be supporting you!!! (= (= (= Wish you well and great health!! (=

    With love and hugs,
    Your fan from Finland

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